Department of Mechanical Engineering,Osaka University

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Control and Intelligence

The Control and Intelligence Area integrates mechatronics with control and information theories and investigates advanced intelligent systems able to adapt to complex and dynamic environments.
Mechanical Dynamics
Ishikawa & Minami Lab.
We investigate theory and technology for understanding dynamics of machinery, particularly concerned with the machines that are "constrained" due to physical interaction with exterior environments. Topics range from mathematical principles such as analytical mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, robotics and mechatronics. to practical applications such as legged and undulatory locomotion, rolling robots and construction machines.
Dynamical Systems Control
Osuka & Sugimoto Lab.
We are trying to understand the essence of control principle of dynamics-based-control for wide variety of dynamical systems. Then, we construct a new design principle of control system for artificial or natural controlled object (From robotics as science to robotics as practical business).
Hyper Human Engineering
Higashimori Lab.
The limitation of dynamic eye sight of human often blocks out from seeing a high speed motion. By combining both a high speed vision and a high speed actuator, we are developing a new dynamic sensing system, by which we can observe a dynamic behavior of human body. This dynamic information can be utilized for medical diagnosis.
Bio Medical Wet Robotics
Morishima Lab.
We have demonstrated an environmentally robust biotic-abiotic robotic system that uses living components, called "Cellular Build Up Wet Nano Robotics". To utilize robust biological components as a functional systems and self assembly process and their emergent functionality, and to build up such a soft and wet machines will lead us an innovative fundamental change and produce a new principle and design to future man-made systems.
Spacecraft Dynamics and Control
Satoh Lab.
Based on the orbit and attitude dynamics of spacecraft, we are making research on dynamical behavior and stability analysis of spacecraft. We are also developing a new technology for future spacecraft missions, such as efficient orbit transfer and maintenance and high-speed attitude maneuver.
Komatsu MIRAI Construction Equipment Cooperative Research Center
Kurisu Lab.
We research teleoperation and autonomous system of construction machines, and recently start to research unique and novel system and structure of machines, which we call Henna Kenki. The research of teleoperation and autonomous system is to build their systems to operate efficiently and safely machines and to release the operators from the severe environment. The research of Henna Kenki is to start to research construction machines from unique and novel points of the view. We are doing joint researches with some laboratories of Osaka University and other universities.