Department of Mechanical Engineering,Osaka University

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Complex Mechanics

The Complex Mechanics Area creates novel mechanical systems based on profound knowledge in fundamental mechanics.
Solid Mechanics
Shibutani & Tanaka Lab.
Our studies are focused on understanding solid mechanics phenomena which crossover multiscale time-space ranges. In order to link the hierarchical solid mechanics phenomena together, we are not only using many theoretical methods such as ab-initio calculations, mezoscopic simulations and macroscopic elastic-plastic finite element simulations, but also employing experiments such as the nano-indentation, the focus ion beam applied technique and the scanning electron-induced acoustic microscopy. We are also developing the dental occlusion analysis system by three-dimensional finite element method, interdisciplinarily collaborating to dentists.
Nakatani & Doi Lab.
Establishment of computational theory and methodology of multiscale dynamics for microscopic open systems, which incorporates surrounding environmental effects to isolated systems.
Multiphase Flow Science and Engineering
Tanaka & Tsuji Lab.
Flows including solid particle are seen in a wide range of industrial equiput and in nature. It shows very complex and intriguing bahaviors due to the structure formation by particles. We perform studies to advance our understandings on the flow physics and to develop reliable numerical models. Application studies based on these fundamentals are also our scope of study.
Nanostructural Engineering
Hirahara Lab.
Nanosized materials have a large specific surface area and are different from bulk materials in crystalline structure, electronic states, mechanical properties and other physical quantities. From this point of view one can expect that current engineering is not directly applicable to nanomaterials. We are mainly working on development and systematization of “nanoengineering for nanomaterials consisting of carbon atoms as the main element”.
Materials Evaluation and Engineering
Hayashi Lab.
Elastic wave propagation is analyzed based on wave theories and calculations of the waves in engineering materials and biomaterials. New measurement techniques for elastic waves are also developed such as non-contact air coupled ultrasonics and laser ultrasonics.
Cooperative Area