Department of Mechanical Engineering,Osaka University

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Mechanical Engineering provides technologies with which our lives can be made safer and easier. It covers scales from nanoscopic to global. Mechanical engineering contributes to such technologies as robotics, micro-machinery, low-emission vehicle and aerospace engineering. It also contributes to solving problems relevant to safety and security issues. The problems include global and human-related issues such as global environment, energy, medical-care and welfare.
Mechanical engineering is based on the following foundations for its research and education: (1) physics, including solid mechanics, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics (2) theories of control and information (3) advanced methodologies in design, manufacturing and system integration. Osaka University's Department of Mechanical Engineering consists of four divisions and two cooperative areas from the Joining and Welding Research Institute.
July 25, 2016: Employment Offer for One Assistant Professor of Osaka University
Area: Fluid Mechanics Subarea, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research area and commitment: Successful candidate is expected to develop new methods of theoretical or numerical analyses based on multiple disciplines of mechanics for the application in aerospace engineering. Assistant professor is expected to contribute to education for undergraduate/graduate classes related to mechanical engineering.
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