Department of Mechanical Engineering,Osaka University

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Micro-mechanical Science

The Micro-mechanical Science Area explores mechanical principles applicable to microscale science and engineering, in association with nano- and bio-technologies.
Micro Materials Engineering
Minoshima Lab.
Our research objects are technological developments of characteristic evaluation for micro materials including MEMS and thin films and their application. Mechanistic studies on fatigue fracture and environmental assisted cracking of advanced engineering materials are also investigated at micro and nano scale to improve their fracture resistance.
Nano Measurement in Production
Takaya & Mizutani Lab.
We integrate nano measurement and fabrication in order to establish the highly developped nano production system. Our research are based on the laser applied measurement and fabrication techniques. One of the typical research topics is developping nano-CMM system for nano in-process measurement. Optical radiation force is applied for controlling the sensitive non-contact probe in the integrated nano maching system. This probe is expected to realize better than 10nm resolution during 3-D coordinate measureing.
Fluid Mechanics
Kajishima & Takeuchi Lab.
For the development of energy system, high-speed transportation and bio-fluid engineering, we are studying on turbulent flows, interfacial phenomena, multiphase flows and so on. Our research interest is especially in the computational fluid dynamics (CFD), including development of computational method and physical models. Current topics are control of drag, noise and heat-and-mass transfer.
Micro Thermal Engineering, Micro Thermal Science
Shibahara Lab.
Our research objectives are to elucidate and utilize the relationships between macroscopic thermal fluids and structures or phenomena in nano and micro meter scales in order to develop new technology for energy saving and pollutant reductions from both experiments and numerical analyses including the molecular dynamics simulations.
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